MJs Summer House

Building beats with epic scale and drops higher than the tallest skyscraper, this mix brings you no less that 27 full on tracks. Some hot off the press, while others old as the hills.. but together, they work seamlessly!

Phat funky house beats for the summer

Lets just say, my usual soulful laid back vibe has been thrown out the window for this one… This is BIG!
Massive disco proportions, very vocal, and oh so funky…

Tracks from Sy Sez, Raven Maize, Enrico BSJ Ferrari, Dennis Quin, Mousse T, The Shapeshifters, DJ Fudge and so many more!

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Set List

1 Forever Together (Grant Nelson Remix) , Raven Maize
2 Jump & Move Your Hips , Enrico BSJ Ferrari
3 Let This Ride , Alex Preston
4 You Make Me Feel (Mighty Real) (Michael Gray Remix) , Sylvester, Michael Gray
5 Yeke Ye , Paul Adam
6 Keep On Luvin (Kingsley’s Deep Punch Mix) , Maydie Myles
7 Don’t Nobody (Booker T Satta Mix) , Harlum Muziq, Tobirus Mozelle, DJ Booker T
8 With You (feat. Cleveland Jones) [Extended Mix] , Sy Sez
9 That’s The Way (Original Mix) , Mirko & Meex
10 Take Me (Extended Mix) , Phil Fuldner
11 Remember The Rain (Original Mix) , Moon Rocket
12 Changes Changin’ , Anhanguera
13 Nobody Standing There (Main Mix Vocal) , The House Family
14 Keep It Comin’ (Extended Mix) , Austins Groove
15 The Funky On Me (Vocal Mix) , 2LOVERS
16 Running Out (Club Mix) , DISCO TOWN, Angelo Ferreri, Moon Rocket, LauMii
17 All Right (Extended Mix) , Milk Bar F3d3B
18 What Do You Feel , Jolyon Petch, Mind Electric, Amy Pearson, Brown Sneakers
19 Summertime Remix (Mirko & Meex Remix) , Silver Ivanov, Elaine, Mirko & Meex
20 Heal Me (Original Mix) , Dennis Quin
21 Melodie (The Shapeshifters Remix) , Mousse T., Cleah, The Shapeshifters
22 I’ll Be There , Crackazat
23 Come On Back (Original Mix) , DJ Fudge
24 I’m Gonna Hold On (Angelo Ferreri ‘Funky Touch’ Remix) , Peter Brown, Angelo Ferreri
25 The Fonz (DJ Spen‚ Supa Disco Break) , Moodena, DJ Spen
26 Give Love (Original Mix) , Mark Funk
27 Life Is a Dancefloor (feat. Kimberly Davis) [Club Mix] , The Shapeshifters