Health & Safety

To ensure your function is a memorable one for all the right reasons, smiles, lots of fun and dancing the night away… There is always a fair amount of planning & paperwork compiled behind the scenes to minimise any risks during your event.

Some basic points MJ wishes to share with you

  • Adequate time allocated to set up and clear away
    (No Rushing around with equipment reduces slips, trips and falls).
  • It is advised your guests remain well away from the area required for the DJ to set up – ideal set ups are advised before your guests arrive to the venue.
    (Minimising any guests coming into contact with equipment during setup).
  • Your guests will not be required to assist the DJ in setting up or clearing away. (Equipment is often heavy and awkward in handling).
  • All Cables will be kept a safe distance away from your guests and neatly fixed down to prevent trip hazards.
  • At the end of the evening, your guests should not involve themselves in helping the dj clear away.


(Your venue managers / safety officers may ask for these)

  • Public Liability Insurance –
  • PAT Certificate – Contact for copy
  • Risk Assessment & Method Statement (RAMS)
    (completed on request for specific venue – Additional Fees apply P.O.A.)

*A Specific PAT certificate is produced on application. A specific equipment schedule can be provided once your event has been quoted & site surveys have taken place, if equipment is over and above MJs generic family party package.

Risk Assessment & Method Statement will be provided post site survey.

Notes for your venue

Your venue shall provide a minimum of 2off 13A standard UK 230V power outlets within close proximity (up to 5M away from the DJ Booth) suitably protected with RCD/RCBO breakers – and be able to provide their site test certificate before the event.  This will be included in the safe systems of work schedule and will include a complete method statement with supporting risk assessment.

Further HSE Reading

Any further questions, please get in touch, and feel free to visit the HSE website for info about portable appliance testing (PAT).

For information regarding Electrical Safety for Entertainers, please visit this site.

The HSE endorse guidance found on this website for venue owners in relation to ‘Exposure to Noise at work’.