Setting the Mood

Lighting at an event is typically something most people overlook when booking a mobile dj, as we all know every mobile dj around the world has an arsenal of lighting to fill the biggest of party venues…

But what do you need for your event?

MJs take on lighting drives a focus on simplicity. A few well placed and controlled lights will do far more for creating that ‘essential party vibe‘ than a whole bank of random lights doing their own thing.

Dotty green and red lasers, while simply fab, used in the wrong way or inappropriately can lead to some pretty upsetting wedding photos if the DJ forgets to turn that particular fixture off during the first dance, and its projecting all over the bride and groom!

The essential message here is that lighting can make a huge difference to your event, in mood, in pace, and has a huge impact on your wedding photos…!

MJ uses a range of well selected scanners, moving heads, computer controlled custom animation lasers and up lighting to set the mood of your party, with complete control of every fixture at the touch of a button.

Please check out our media page for videos and photos of our past events to see how he has delivered lighting for past customers.