The Club Package

6kW of Quality Sound

MJ Brings the nightclub to you with speakers from RCF & KV2 – This will deliver the punch nightclub sound is renowned for, the thump in the belly with enough rattle to shake any filling from your teeth!

With a selection of ten speakers to choose from MJ can advise on best layout and configuration of equipment to maximise sound performance, ensuring first class audio quality is delivered as you would expect from a package like this.

rcf, mj ents, mobile dj,This package starts at £450 (within Thurrock) and comes with (as pictured left) 6 speakers in total.

4 Bass Bins and two full range speakers from RCF.

This level of sound reinforcement provides enough punch, ready for the biggest baddest beats you can throw at them.

Supporting venues with a capacity of up to 350 people

This package comes as default with computer controlled lighting effects, graphical animation laser and haze.

UV canons wash the entire dance floor, while ambient lighting is used to compliment the dj booth and any soft seating areas you may have, to create an exciting colour wash and vibe.

In addition to this, you could complete the club feel with an additional pair of KV2 15″ bass bins & 12″ RCF full range tops, for infill at the rear of the room or as a second room for chill out (playing a preset chill-out selection of sounds). I call this overall package ‘The Works’

The Works

Brings an additional 2kW of infill sound, your chill out area becomes alive with sound from the main room or a totally different source of music, ideal as a room 2 package for example.

Comprising of twin 15″ bins from KV2 paired up with 2off RCF 12″ D-Line speakers.

The full works has been used at stock brook manor for new years eve parties, providing 8kW of sound in the main function room, complete with 400 ravers! Images below….

  • Class Leading
  • Nightclub Lighting
  • Nightclub Sound Reinforcement
  • Pro DJ

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MJ is passionate about meeting your exact needs… feel free to get in touch and discuss your needs > here <

If interested in hiring either of these packages, please ensure your venue has suitable sound proofing to prevent any interruptions from environmental health officers and associated noise complaints from neighbouring dwellings.

Contact MJ here for a quote (even if outside of Thurrock).